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Wroxham Barns
Wroxham Barns4
Wroxham Barns39
Wroxham Barns3
Wroxham Barns2
Wroxham Barns5
Wroxham Barns7
Wroxham Barns6
Wroxham Barns16
Wroxham Barns14
Wroxham Barns13
Wroxham Barns10
Wroxham Barns12
Wroxham Barns11jpg
Wroxham Barns9
Wroxham Barns8
Wroxham Barns23
Wroxham Barns22
Wroxham Barns19
Wroxham Barns21
Wroxham Barns20
Wroxham Barns18
Wroxham Barns17
Wroxham Barns15
Wroxham Barns31
Wroxham Barns30
Wroxham Barns29
Wroxham Barns28
Wroxham Barns27
Wroxham Barns26
Wroxham Barns25
Wroxham Barns33
Wroxham Barns24
Wroxham Barns32
Wroxham Barns34
Wroxham Barns35
Wroxham Barns36
Wroxham Barns37
Wroxham Barns38

A wonderful weekend in Norfolk. We enjoyed a great evening performing at a concert in Ludham. The Following day visited Wroxham Barns, where we performed five songs out in the courtyard in glorious sunshine, followed by a delicious Sunday lunch. Huge thanks to Hazel and Mick for arranging and providing such wonderful hospitality along with their Rotary club, and a huge amount of thanks to Michael and Janet for all of their work sorting out the travel and accommodation side of things.