Do I have to be good at singing to join the choir? 

No, a willingness to learn is much more important. Many of our members had never sung in public before joining us, but with our excellent music team teaching you at rehearsals, and through the learning resources available to members at home, you'll be up to scratch and itching to do your first concert in no time!


Do I have to be able to read music?

Nope. All the songs on our repertoire are practiced note-by-note in rehearsals so you don't need to be able to read the music sheet. That said you will be surprised what you pick up.


How big is the commitment I need to make to the choir?

We appreciate our members have lives and interests outside choir. You should try and attend our Monday rehearsals as often as you can as well as any concerts you are able to make. Our season runs September to May so you'll always have the summer off.


What sort of music do you sing?

In short, everything. Our concert repertoire covers music as diverse as traditional male voice choir songs, gospel music, operatic pieces, pop, folk, country and contemporary music. Check out our media section for an idea.


How much does it cost to join?

We will let you join us for a while at no cost to see if DCMVC is for you. Thereafter membership costs £120/season, which equates to roughly £3 a rehearsal. We appreciate that times are difficult right now, and we can accept payment of membership fees in instalments if that helps.