Kevin is a 1st Tenor and publicity officer. He joined the choir in 2011 and joined the committee in 2012.


Kevin Griffiths

Dave is a 2nd Tenor and a member of the choir since 2013.

He is also Asst. Librarian


Dave Carver

Michael is a 2nd Tenor, he joined the choir in 2008.  He is also part of the Welfare Team.


Michael Ireland

Tom is a 1st Tenor and joined the choir in 2016 and the committee in 2017

Committee Member

Tom Fleming

Tim is baritone and joined the choir in 2015 and the committee in 2016

Committee Member

Tim Limberger

Mark is 2nd Tenor and joined the choir in 2009 and the committee in 2018

Committee Member

Mark Kohrs

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