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Based in Derby, the choir has been singing and helping raise money for charity since 1956.

New members are always welcome. No experience is necessary but a pleasant voice, a willingness to learn and be part of a close-knit team are essential. Please see further information in the Joining the Choir section.


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This year we're supporting our heroes within the NHS and will be donating £6 for every one of our new CDs that we sell. They make a great stocking filler and also demonstrate your support for our heroes in the NHS

If you haven't had an opportunity to hear us on Erewash Sound click the following link to hear the interview and one of our favourite tracks "Golden Slumbers / Whiter shade of pale" https://soundcloud.com/.../the-derbyshire-community-male..

We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel now as our final entry in our "Meet the Choir" series is choir chairman Kevin Griffiths

Name: Kevin Griffiths

Section: Tenor

Joined: 2011

Job: Retired Teacher

Choir Highlights: Our annual tours around the UK particularly the Cornwall male Choir Festival

Favourite Songs: The Sound of Silence, Bring Him Home, Hallelujah

I used to sing at school and in church but only decided to join an adult choir in 2011. I had been thinking about joining a choir for some time when a flyer was posted through my door inviting men to attend an open rehearsal at a local church.

Thinking I possessed a reasonable tenor voice I stood at the open rehearsal next to a chap called Tom Ridgeway, a long standing member of the choir. He belted out American Trilogy with such power I felt somewhat embarrassed at my paltry effort and trudged off to join the second tenors – who were and remain a motley crew!

A year after joining I became a member of the management committee and focussed on marketing and publicity in an effort to raise our profile within the community and recruit some new members.

In 2016 I became Choir chairman and what a roller coaster ride that has been. Soon after becoming chairman I was involved in guiding the choir through a very public change of name when the local Chief Constable decided he no longer wished to support a Male Voice Choir; and then more recently I have lead the choir through the challenge of the COVID 19 pandemic. We continue to work hard to maintain communication with all choir members and use technology to conduct remote rehearsals.

Like all other choirs and singing groups, we are all missing choir desperately and can’t wait to get back together when it is safe to do so.

Back in 2011 when I first started singing with the choir I thought my motivation was the opportunity to sing as part of a group. You soon learn that there is a lot more to it than that. Within the choir you form many friendships and become part of a community which offers all sorts of support, guidance and friendship. I also feel deeply satisfied that each year we are able to raise funds for local good causes and help others whilst enjoying ourselves

We have performed in many different venues and there is nothing better than to experience the applause of an audience in recognition of a good performance. I have also been fortunate to sing a number of solo pieces at various concerts and this has developed my confidence and technique over recent years although I’m sure some of my colleagues would beg to differ.

During the time I have been involved, the choir has changed and now possesses a more contemporary image and repertoire. The challenge for most choirs throughout the country is to attract younger singers and audiences and so the challenge of remaining contemporary and vibrant is greater today than ever.

Whatever the future might hold for us, joining a choir back in 2011 was one of the better decisions I have ever made.

Due to the current restrictions all choir activity has been cancelled. 

Below are some highlights of our previous seasons.

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